Monday, April 11, 2011

Puppy Love

Hello my blogging friends. It has been far too long and I will no longer promise to be back on here more often to write because it just never seems to happen. However I will write today and tell you about my job. Its not new since I have been doing it now since October but its new to you!! I am a pet guardian at a pet resort. What is a pet guardian you ask? Well first let me explain what a pet resort is.

The pet resort I work at is one that offers a variety of services to our families. We offer boarding. The dogs/cats check in, get a check in exam, are shown to their room and then taken outside for playtime or a potty break. Grooming is where our puppies or kitties go for everything from a basic bath and brush out to a completely new do. Training is another service we offer. Got a puppy who nips or chews? We'll help with that. Got an older dog with aggression issues? Yeah we can help with that too. Then there is doggie daycare. Dogs are dropped off anytime during business hours and they are taken outside to play with all their friends.

I work a variety of positions there. Some days I work in the front where I greet parents, answer phones, make reservations and welcome out 4-legged guests as they arrive. Other days I work in the back where I care for the animals. This includes cleaning their rooms every morning, feeding, bathing, taking them outside, dishes, laundry, making treats, giving medicine and pretty much anything the dogs/cats need. Then there is daycare!! My favorite. I am outside with the dogs for 6 hours playing, correcting and yes helping to modify problem behavior.

I am also currently going to school to become a certified dog trainer myself. I have found my true love as far as work goes and I couldn't be happier.