Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two Wheels and the Women On Them

Draggin a brush through your hair after a two hour ride that you forgot to tie your hair up for, bugs in your teeth, layers of road grime on your skin and a horrid sunburn because you forgot your sunscreen...AGAIN! Why would I put myself through this? FREEDOM!

The feeling of freedom that one can only achieve through straddling 700+ pounds of chrome and steel and racing headlong into a sunset. The freedom of never having to wrap my arms around someone and hoping that they don't kill me before we get where we are going. And especially the freedom of knowing that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

The next time you are stopped at a red light and you hear the deep growl of a motorcycle engine close by, stop, take a look around and don't be surprised to discover that the person controlling that mean machine is a woman. The number of women riders is on the rise and rising quickly. Women have discovered the joy of no restraints, no boundaries and no one telling them motorcycles are for men. They are stealing their boyfriend's/husband's or buying their own that makes their significant other's look like last year's tricycle.

There is an element of pure joy that comes from knowing you can control that beast between your legs and probably better than most men. Women are naturally more cautious and therefore safer riders. Being a female riders makes you feel strong, empowered and unique. I always encourage women to take up riding. The comment I hear the most is, "I could never ride a motorcycle. I wouldn't know what to do and they are so big!" My response, "Can you ride a bicycle?"

Riding a motorcycle is intimidating to most women because they are large and loud. I will not tell you that weight is not an issue. It definitely is. My first bike weighed over 750 pounds with a full tank of gas and if it wanted to fall you can bet I was not going to be able to stop it. There are more lightweight bikes available though and you do have to consider your own size versus the size of the bike you are riding.

Be smart. Take a riders safety course. They are offered all over the nation and most offer classes just for women. They start you out assuming you have never even sat on a motorcycle, much less ridden one. They teach you everything you need to know about the bike and yourself when you are on that bike.

I hope that I have at least tempted a few of you females out there to consider this. If you do and you end up riding PLEASE contact me. Tell me your story and send me your pics. I would love to hear from anyone.