Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Keith's Gifts

I think the final Helium gift has arrived and Sophie could not be more tickled about it. This one came in a big brown envelope with "Air Mail" stamped on it. She had tears in her eyes as she realized, once again, that Mama's friends on Helium were thinking of her.

She loves the book Keith. She refuses to use the pen because she doesn't want to use it up and the post cards are proudly displayed on her bedroom wall where she shows everyone that comes over.
Again I am humbled to my friends at Helium. You have all surprised me with your support and encouragement to a friend and her young daughter that you have never met. I have to be honest...Sophie did not receive a lot from our immediate family, but our family at Helium made her feel so cared for and she wanted to make you all proud with her quick recovery. She is doing very well now, she actually wants to go back to school. She should finally be able to take her brace off for the first time on the 28th of September. I will make sure and post pictures of that.
Thank you again all my friends who sent gifts and well wishes. You are greatly appreciated.