Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happiness in hamburgers

Hello all...I recently left that horrible landscaping company. At the time of my departure I was optamistic and full of hope for a new career move. But after three weeks, 54 resumes and only 1 interview I realized that I was in serious danger of not finding a job before funds ran out. I was desperate and scared. Thats when I received a phone call from a friend of mine. He had a friend who owned a small diner and was desperately looking for someone to come work for him. I interviewed with the man and his wife the next day and accepted what I considered to be the lowest I could sink....a waitress position.

I have not been a waitress since I was 17 years old and I really never thought I would have to go back to that. I dreaded my first day, but to my surprise I absolutely thrived in the environment. I love people and have a very high tolerance for bitchy ones in particular. My first day flew by and as I counted out my $60 in tips I had made in 7 hours the joy of really enjoying my job was clashing with the realization that my income had just been cut to a fourth of what it had been.

The next day was better ($85 in tips) and the third day I almost managed to pull $100 ($96). My daily tips bounce from $60 to $90 on average depending on the day and the financial mood of my customers. I know I cannot make it on this but I am happy for now to be part of the Blue-Collar working class again. I get to work at 5am and am out the door by 12:30-1pm. I work 4 days a week which leaves plenty of time to explore other job options and still have time for my family.

So for now Jo has found happiness in greasy burgers, dirty plates and hands that smell of bleach water that desperately needs to be changed.

Ta ta for now...