Thursday, October 4, 2007

A New Face on an Old Place

Previously in my blog I have talked about my local watering hole. Due to the new "anti-smoking" legislation many smaller bars have suffered and some have even had to close their doors.

But my watering hole fought to beat the system and have come out victorious. The pictures here are of the new and improved Wendy Jack's Hidaway. They have created what I can only say is a wonderful outdoor smoking area that is almost completely enclosed except for one wall that is solar screened in. These screens will hold in the A/C and heat but allows the smoke out.

A pool table, jukebox, 3 plasma TV's and karoake at night makes this a sure bet for a new hot spot on the westside of town. So pull up a bar stool, order a drink and light a smoke. Everything is as it should be again.